Our ambassadeurs

Working together with passion

Antonio de Sousa

Antonio is an emotion hairdresser. It turns every style enhance the beauty of each. Happy and passionate about his job he works with dynamism and precision they are unique.

Michel Russo

Grand tiller of world hairdressing and world champion on several occasions, Michel is an exceptional hairdresser. Charismatic and iconic upscale hairstyle.

Mike P

Attention MikeP likes to shock gentle manner by adapting to the personality of each. It is a bold creator. His experience around the world gives boundless inspiration.

Yannick Odo

New rising star Yannick hair participated in the world championship and won the title at the side of the Swiss team. His technique is precise, ordered. Kegs gestures can adapt better to the success of the beauty of his creations.

Pascal Valentino

Pascal and dress like the subtle creations. Accustomed to a very upscale clientele is alone actor and creator. Meticulous perfectionist and it will surprise and give life to his work.

Vanessa Raccio

With its underground style, Vanessa offers a colorful experience. She loves to mix colors and textures. It is a true alchemist trends.


Taking the time to reveal the beauty of each individual is our motto


Finding inspiration while preserving the will of our customers and our priority.


Use the most innovative techniques to ensure a prestigious job and optimal satisfaction.


Communicate and share our passion with our customers and partners is a daily pleasure in our living rooms.

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